Get Your Startup Started

Assess, Hire, and Fund Your Company


大约 3 个星期

6小时每周 (自主学习)




大约 3 个星期

6小时每周 (自主学习)



You’ve got a business plan, a prototype, and a plan to acquire users. Now what? You’ll need to acquire the skills and the funding necessary to see your business grow towards its next milestone.

Step one, assess where you are currently and where you want to go. There are plenty of options available to entrepreneurs to acquire the skills needed to get your company from A to B. We’ll help you to uncover and assess what options are available and feasible for you at this stage of your business. We discuss, the pros and cons of hiring employees, outsourcing, learning skills yourself or enlisting an advisor or mentor.

Now that you know which skills and people are required for your business to grow, how will you pay for it? Silicon Valley is notorious for choosing to obtain capital funding, but how do you know that is the best option for you to get you to the next step? There are other options available to you - bootstrapping, crowdsourcing, accelerators, and incubators to name a few. Every option has its pros and cons and this course will give you the background needed to make an informed decision as to which funding option is right for your business.


Want to know when and why to choose raising capital, bootstrapping, incubators, or other common options? Learn from those who’ve been there before to choose which path is right for you and create a plan to execute on that funding option.

We want you to leave this course feeling inspired, capable, and motivated about your journey ahead!




Lesson 1: Common Considerations

Learn the business lingo you’ll need to succeed as a tech savvy entrepreneur.

Lesson 2: Identifying Needs

You’ve got a business plan, a prototype, and a plan to acquire users. Now what? What do you need? Learn how to assess where you are now and establish where you want to go.

Lesson 3: Skills, People, and Resources

Acquire the skill, people, and resources you need to get started. Finally, establish a funding plan to get you to your next milestone.

Lesson 4: Stories from the Trenches

Get inspired from entrepreneurs who have been where you are and can provide a unique and battle-tested perspective.


Shanea King-Roberson

Shanea King-Roberson

Shanea King-Roberson 之前是 Google 的科技企业家纳米学位的项目经理,这个纳米学位旨在教学生如何建立可持续发展的可盈利的公司。Shanea 热衷于创业:她创办了自己的公司,获得如何开创一家小型企业的第一手经验。在业余时间,她喜欢跳莎莎舞,还和她的狗汤米一起跑半程马拉松。