GitHub 协作

Learn to build projects collaboratively


大约 3 个星期

6小时每周 (自主学习)




大约 3 个星期

6小时每周 (自主学习)



This course covers the essentials of working with remote repositories. You'll be able to connect to a remote repository, get changes from a remote repository, and send changes to a remote repository. You'll also learn how to work collaboratively. You'll fork another developer's repository, make changes to it, and then send them a pull request. You'll also pick up some Git tips and tricks that make working with collaborators a breeze.


You've learned how to develop projects with the amazing version control tool, Git, and it's now time to get your repository off of your local machine and up on a hosting service like GitHub! Having your project on GitHub provides an additional backup for your project in case anything should happen to your computer. With your project on a public site like GitHub, you're free to share it with other developers. Being able to work together with other developers on a project is vital in today's collaborative development processes.


This course builds on the skills covered in the course Version Control with Git. Students should have experience using Git to:

  • create repositories
  • add commits to a repository
  • review a repository's history of commits
  • create and manage branches
  • undo changes in a repository



In this course, you'll learn the importance of remote repositories. You'll create a remote repository on GitHub and then use the command line tool, Git, to connect to, and send changes to this remote repository. You will also learn how to collaborate with others on a version control project. You'll fork another developer's repository, make changes to it, and send them a pull request. While doing this, you'll also pick up so pro tips on how to discover additions and changes that your collaborators have done in the repository. Lastly, you'll learn how to use Git to alter a repository's history by combining individual commits together in a process called "squashing".

Lesson 1: Working With Remotes

  • Learn all about remote repositories
  • Connect to a remote repository and send commits to it
  • Get changes from a remote repository

Lesson 2: Working On Another Dev's Repository

  • Fork another developer's repository
  • Learn how to review changes other developers have made
  • Determine how best to contribute to a project

Lesson 3: Staying In Sync With A Remote Project

  • Create and send a pull request
  • Stay in sync with a developing repository
  • Squash commits to update a repository's history


Richard Kalehoff

Richard Kalehoff

作为一名劲头十足的程序员和求知者,Richard Kalehoff 在教师行业找到了自己的激情和抱负。在优达学城担任课程开发人员的过程中,他对开发和教学都无比的喜爱。在获得计算机科学领域学位后,他做出了明智的决策,进入了 HTML、CSS 和 JavaScript 领域。在超过 7 年的时间内,他都一直在一家国际非营利组织工作,负责多项工作,包括前端网络开发、后端编程和数据库及服务器管理。在从弗罗里达大学的网络设计和在线通信硕士课程中毕业并获得大众通信学位前,他就受到弗罗里达大学的邀请,成为该校的一名教职工。即使要规划、构建和开发课程,他还是会抽出时间去加州的乡下走走,欣赏原野风光。