Build With Udacity

Build your brand. Train the next generation of tech pioneers. Join a community of industry experts.

Why become a Udacity Instructor?

Instructors impact students globally, work flexible hours, and establish themselves as experts to top tech companies.

  • Impact Student Outcomes

    Impact the careers and lives of thousands of students in 160+ countries.

  • Enjoy Flexible Hours

    Work when you want, where you want. Instructors spend 15-20 hours per week on average developing content, and 90% of that work is completed remotely.

  • Create your Brand

    Join a network of Udacity instructors from prominent start-ups and Silicon Valley giants, and market yourself as an industry expert to Fortune 500 and Global 2000 Enterprise companies

How it Works

What Udacity Instructors do
Instructors are established industry experts who partner with Udacity to build the workforce's skills in the jobs of the future. In Partnership with Udacity's Content Team, Instructors develop lessons, quizzes, projects and student self-assessments to facilitate strong student learning outcomes and hands-on understanding in cutting-edge tech fields.

Instructors create courses that elevate the careers of professionals across the globe, improving thousands of lives and families.

How to Apply

1. Submit your Interest

Click Instructor Interest Form. Then Create a Udacity Account, and submit your interest using the form. You will be contacted directly for further assessment if there is an opportunity available.

2. Complete Work Sample
Deliver your work sample and interview with Udacity's team. Candidates who recieve a positive Work samples and interviews evaluation will be extended a contract.

3. Start Building
Your onboarding as an Instructor will begin on your start date. Thereafter, you will launch into course development alongside Udacity’s team of pedagogical experts.

Join Us

Udacity partners with instructors who are passionate about their field, believe in the power of education, and want to share their expertise with learners across the globe. If that sounds like you, then get in touch!


  • How do I become a Udacity Instructor?
        Submit your interest using the Instructor Interest Form. A member of Udacity’s Instructor Partnerships and Success team will follow up with you about whether your experience fits for an upcoming course or Nanodegree opportunity.
        If an opportunity is available, you’ll be invited to an informational interview with Udacity’s Instructor Partnerships and Success team where you’ll discuss the opportunity and describe your professional experience and interests.
        If it’s a fit, you’ll be invited to submit a work sample for the Instructor opportunity. Your work sample will be evaluated by Udacity’s Content team according to depth, breadth, expertise, quality and alignment to student outcomes.
        If your work sample receives a positive evaluation, then you’ll be offered an Instructor Contract.
        After you have signed the contract, course development will begin on your agreed-upon start date!
  • What type of Instructor opportunities are available?

    There are currently two types of Udacity Instructors. Each type differs based on the work you are being contracted for, the time commitment required for developing that work, the compensation you’ll receive, and the support you’ll receive from Udacity’s pedagogical experts while completing the work. The two different types of Instructors are:

    • Course Instructor (End-to-end course development, 10-week build, 150-200 hours)
    • Project Creator (Course project only, 6-week build, 60 hours)
    For more information about Instructor type suitability, submit your interest in the Instructor Interest Form, and write the Instructor type you’d like to learn about in the question: “How many hours per week do you have available for working as an Instructor? A minimum of 10 hours per week is required”.
  • What kind of Instructors is Udacity looking for?

    Udacity partners with Instructors who are:

    • Subject matter specialists and thought leaders in their field
    • Committed to student success
    • Passionate about education
    • Dependable for delivering projects on-time and in high-quality condition
    • Life-long learners who are open to feedback and dedicated to personal and professional growth
  • How do you select instructors?

    Instructor candidates are identified based on their professional experience and field expertise. Thereafter, Instructors are selected to contract with Udacity based on a work sample they submit.

  • I’ve never taught before. Should I still apply to become an instructor?

    Yes! Udacity partners with individuals from a wide variety of professional experience. Historically, some of our best Instructors have included individuals with no prior teaching experience. The most important qualities an Instructor can bring are specialized field knowledge, passion and openness to feedback. Any pedagogical guidance needed is provided by Udacity’s robust support team.

  • I’ve taught before, but I haven’t taught on camera. Is Udacity for me?

    Absolutely! We work with Instructors that have a wide spectrum of educational experience: industry specialists, professors, book authors, and more. It’s not necessary to have on-camera nor online teaching experience to be a successful Udacity Instructor. Our Production team will provide all the on-camera support you need!

  • Are Instructors paid?

    Yes. All Instructors are compensated for their work. Compensation is based on an individual Instructor’s experience and the type of Instructorship contract they sign (out of the two available options - see above).

  • When do Instructors’ work hours take place?

    Instructors commonly work on course development during weekdays and on weekends. These hours are done remotely, and spent in a combination of remote course development time and in meetings with Udacity’s curriculum development team completed during the week and on weekends.

  • Who will I work with as an Instructor?

    You will work closely with a number of Udacity teams throughout the course development process. These teams will support you with expertise in program management, curriculum design, pedagogy, and video production.

  • Are Udacity courses live or pre-recorded?

    Because students’ experience of lessons, quizzes, videos and projects is completely self-paced, all Udacity courses are pre-recorded.

  • Does one Instructor develop one course only, or can I partner with a second Instructor or build two courses?

    Generally, Udacity contracts one instructor for developing one Nanodegree course only. That being said, we are open to Instructors partnering with a second Instructor if additional expertise is needed. We also have contracted Instructors to build two courses, but we prefer to start with contracting Instructors for one course first before moving forward with developing a second course.

  • Does the Instructor have any influence over course content; and is the content created by the instructor or by Udacity?

    Course content is created by Instructors. Udacity looks to Instructors as industry practitioners to determine student learning objectives, course outlines and technical content, and Udacity applies its pedagogical expertise, market intelligence, and quality assurance to the final product.

  • Can I reuse content I have already developed or used elsewhere?

    Unfortunately, no. Udacity is committed to providing world-class, original educational content to our global community of students. As a general rule, Udacity discourages the use of third-party content in coursework unless (1) the content is necessary for the completion of the course, and (2) you have obtained permission from the rights holder.