Lyft Scholarship

When applying for a Udacity scholarship, please make sure that you thoroughly understand and agree with the General Terms for Scholarships

To the extent you are registered or enrolled as a student in, or are otherwise attending, another institution with its own policy regarding student and/or employee scholarship, those terms shall apply to you as a student and/or employee of such institution.

Furthermore, the following Official Rules (“Rules”) shall bind all sponsors, candidates and other participants in the Lyft Scholarship:

  • you understand that if you receive this scholarship, your fees for the Nanodegree Program (and no other programs) will be fully covered by Lyft, the Scholarship Sponsor, and Udacity. There is no cash alternative to the scholarship. Udacity may share updates and data on your progress in the Nanodegree Program with Lyft.

  • your name may be announced publicly (for example it may be posted on Udacity's website) and your name and image may be used to promote the scholarship program. Regardless of the outcome of this scholarship application, you understand that the information you provide in this application may be used to consider you for future scholarship opportunities and that this may include sharing information in your application with potential scholarship sponsors.

  • you understand that residents of a restricted country designated by the United States Treasury's Office of Foreign Assets Control are not eligible for this scholarship. See for additional information. You agree that you are not a resident in any country that is restricted by such regulations.

  • If you receive this scholarship, you commit to participating regularly in the program. You also understand that by not participating in the first two weeks after receiving the scholarship, you may be dismissed.